Fowler Southern Baptist Church

Church Deacons

 In Fowler Southern Baptist Church, deacons are chosen from among the male members of the congregation in good standing and holding a "good report" of those inside and outside the church. "Nominations" as such are not accepted. Deacons are selected by the church leadership based on Scriptural principles ("having already done a good work") and strive to assist the Pastor as he leads the church towards greater knowledge and commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ.

While we acknowledge that we have several women who serve our church in ways that may describe them as "deaconesses", we do not as yet have such a formal designation or office within our congregation.

Our current Deacons :


 Mr. Dean Wealing, has been part of our church for many years, providing faithful service to our congregation. He acts as Chairman of the Deacon Board. More than likely, Dean will be the person who greets you at the door as he also serves as our Head Usher.

  Mr. Howard Higley, has also been a long-time member of our congregation and is responsible for the prayer requests and other aspects of the church ministry. Howard is also one of the leaders of our Food Pantry Ministry.

Mr Mike Porter has been a member of the church for many years. Among many "back-room tasks" positions, he is responsible for Communion Sunday Preparations and for the regular weekly Announcements at church service. He also serves as a leading member of the Trustee Board.

 Mr. Dean Hoaks, aka "Bubba", was saved in our church seven years ago from what we gently describe as a "wild" and "interesting" Biker lifestyle.  Dean is able to communicate well with the some-what "outside-the-box" people who often turn up at church seeking more from life that they are currently enjoying. 

 All of our Deacons are part of the Church Leadership Team and assist the Pastor in the growth and development of the corporate body of the church and in meeting individual needs as they occur.



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