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February 2010

Haiti: Charity Should Begin At Home

The devastation that has occurred in Haiti must surely soften even the coldest heart.

The images of children and adults wandering homeless, thirsty and hungry, cry out to the whole world with the truth that each of us is responsible to respond to their need and give according to our own capabilities.

Yet, as is so often the case, the events in Haiti subsequent to the initial earthquake, demonstrate both the positive and negative characteristics of man’s feeling towards his fellow man.

Millions of dollars, in both cash and essential supplies have been generated within a very short space of time and have been shipped to the needy island quickly and at no little cost to generous donors worldwide.

Sadly however, we are now seeing the (almost) inevitable greed and corruption of the human spirit raise its ugly head in the midst of kindness and Christian love.

News is now leaking out from Haiti that many of the supplies provided mostly by American citizens,has been seized by government (and other) “officials” and is being sold to their needy compatriots, when it was originally provided with the understanding that it would be part of a free distribution process.

The corruption that is continuing to be practiced in Haiti should leave no American in doubt that it is now time when we must pause in our kind-hearted efforts and complete a full investigation into the level of trust we should place in the hypocritical leaders of that harrowed country.

Even worse however, is the blatant disregard for our own citizens that the current US Administration ( in all three branches of government) is showing towards the ten missionaries now being confined in Haitian prisons.

Whether or not these people are guilty of any crime should be left to the justice system within the American courts. Haiti is governed under Napoleonic law, in which the accused is held to be guilty simply by fact of the accusation and therefore bears the self-burden of proving his/her own innocence.



To make matters worse, the provision of counsel for the defendants (by the Haitian government) makes our American “public defender" system look like the cream of Harvard’s best.

Yet, the American leadership in Washington yells its own indifference by its very loud silence.

While politicians on all sides are extremely verbal about the pros and cons of providing “justice” to the terrorists we have captured , their own fellow citizens apparently don’t warrant the same benefits.

On the surface, it looks like these ten Baptist missionaries are guilty of nothing more than carelessness and stupidity. Their hearts appear to have been in the right place. Yes, orphaned children do need the basic necessities of life and to provide such is a motive that is honorable,

but the first thing they should have learned was “what laws do we need to understand in order to fulfill our goals?”

Even if they were a bunch of “dirty old perverts”, in our justice system, even they are provided much protection under our laws.

The American politician, both singularly and corporately, should immediately demand the release of these missionary prisoners and have them transported back to the USA where a proper and fair investigation of their cause can be completed. If the Haitian government does not agree

to this arrangement, then all American aid and personnel should be withdrawn from the country.

It’s time that the thugs and bullies and dictators of the world begin to understand that the “soft-touch” Yanks will always be prepared to put up with a certain amount of of antagonism, even while we are digging deep into out pockets, but they had better learn we will only tolerate so much abuse.

President Clinton was right when he said: “Smack me once? Shame on you. Smack me twice? Shame on me.”

The Haitian government is continuing not only to “smack” us, but (with the news coming out of Their abuse of American citizens and the Haitian ever-growing corruption), they are in fact, “sticking the boot in”.

It’s time for the line to be drawn in the sand. All it will take is for one politician to make his/her voice heard, and in an election season, lots more will jump onto the bandwagon.

Or, have we as a nation become so “politically correct” that we are willing to sacrifice our heritage and our freedoms on the altar of “do-goodism”,

God help us if we are!


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