Fowler Southern Baptist Church


Dr.Tony King was born and raised in Belfast, in the North of Ireland. Following his Elementary and High School Educations, he was awarded his first degree in Elementary Education and began a long and distinguished career as a teacher. He has subsequently earned a number of post graduate degrees, including two earned Doctorates, one in Education and one in Pastoral Ministries / Counselling.

He has taught in Ireland, England, Australia and USA.

After a number of years at elementary levels, he brought his teaching skills into the High School realm (teaching Mathematics, French, Latin and Computer) and then into College level, becoming a School Principal in both the Public and Private Spheres, and then Principal/Dean of a Bible College in Queensland, Australia. Concurrently with this position, he served as V.P. in a large Private School Corporation in the capacity of School Inspector and Home Schooling and Christian Education Seminar Director.

In the spiritual realm, in early 1974, having just arrived as a new immigrant to Australia, he was gloriously saved by the power of the Holy Spirit, and spent the next two years being taught diligently in the knowledge and understanding of the Scriptures.

During this time he began a fledgling public ministry of teaching and preaching the truths of the Word of God.

Dr. King will gladly acknowledge his great joy that at the time of "infant" ministry, video cameras were in short supply, and that his family and friends cannot now entertain each other by showing videos clips of his (in his own words) "pathetic attempts to preach".

Over the next several years, learning from the leading of that same Holy Spirit and listening to the counsel of Godly and experienced men, he honed his teaching and preaching skills and was soon ministering to the Lord's people on a regular basis.

After six years of itinerant pastoral ministry, in 1981 he was ordained as a pastor and began to learn how God can take the "weak things of the world", and use them to His glory.

While greatly opposed to the entrenchment of man- made legalistic rules and regulations in Baptist churches, he is equally appalled with the rise of careless liberalism, which he believes has done nothing but leave God's people weak and useless in a sin-crazed world in need of the great truths of he Bible and the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Dr. King has been married to his wife Linda for over 40 years. They have three children and seven grandchildren.

He has been pastoring Fowler Baptist Church since early 2004.

Dr. King's ministry in the church follows an expository and topical style of preaching and teaching. Sunday Morning services are conservatively formal, while the Wednesday Night Bible Study is more relaxed and inter-active.

Although having earned two doctorate degrees, Pastor Tony prefers the Biblical appellation of "Pastor'.





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