Fowler Southern Baptist Church

Prayer Time

Howard Higley discussing current prayer requests and preparing to ask for others. Our Deacons take turns leading our prayer time. We have been blessed regularly to receive news of answered prayer, both spiritually, financially and physically.


Current Prayer Requests for:

June: Phyllis Bowman is recovering in St. E's from exhaustion and internal bleeding; Beverly Wealing, now on oxygen again with severe croup;

GREAT NEW NEWS: June 2015: AJ does NOT have pancreatic cancer. Looks like it might be a blockage in the duodenem. Both she and Billy are hoping to be back in church soon. Clyde & Wendy are still feeling "washed out" ---both are hoping to be back on their feet soon.

Pray for our young graduates as they begin to head off and away from the family influences and protection.

Finally remember--we still have lots of people absent with sickness and vacation travel.

 This page is Regularly Updated

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