Fowler Southern Baptist Church

  What happens when you come to our church? 


  • You will be welcomed at the door,usually by one of our Deacons, Mr. Dean Wealing, handed a church bulletin and shown a seat or helped to choose your own.
  • Just as service is about to begin, PASTOR may tell some jokes. We all just smile politely.
  • The service will last approximately an hour / an hour and a quarter.
  • During service there will be a special PRAYER TIME ---feel free to request prayer if you wish.
  • Following prayer time, there will be GREETING TIME when we take five minutes to say hello to each other.
  • During service you will be told when to stand (if you are able) and sit down.
  • An offering will be taken, but there is no obligation to give anything.
  • During the service the PASTOR will explain what the Bible has to say about a particular subject. We take this part of our service very seriously but don't worry--if he becomes long-winded, we have a special trap-door to remove him!
  • If you happen to visit us on a Sunday when we are having a FELLOWSHIP LUNCH, please feel free to join us. There will be lots of food and great fellowship AND our ladies know how to cook!
  • In our midst, you will be welcomed, respected and, we trust, excited enough to want to come again.




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